Saracens Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) has an ethos that embrace feelings of trust, knowledge, reciprocity and shared behavioural norms that create a quality of life for staff and pupils that will be both enjoyable and productive.  Our connection with each other   will create a sense of place, promote friendships, encourage and make possible special moments, experiences and outstanding memories. Saracens High School and Saracens Primary School will be places where people will return to with great eagerness, into an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging that brings out the very best in people, motivating them to give their very best efforts in the classroom, in their activities and on the sports field.

By creating high levels of trust within our schools we produce a climate of psychological safety and honesty, allowing people to develop without fear of criticism and to give all of themselves to the academic, community and social goals.

Our schools will be different. They will take a modern and pioneering approach to individual character development through every aspect of school life. We use this vision to enable all pupils in all aspects of learning and life to be, “the best that they can be”.